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The indoor children’s playground in Hanoi

indoor children's playground in Hanoi

The indoor children’s playground in Hanoi

Explore the most attractive indoor children’s playground in Hanoi nowadays.

Choosing a safe and exciting indoor children’s playground is always a desire for many parents, especially considering Hanoi’s ever-changing weather conditions. Whether it’s excessively sunny, rainy, or too cold, providing a space for children to play indoors is a sensible choice to protect them.

Considerations when choosing an indoor children’s playground

Assess the credibility of the play area

Parents should select reputable play areas with at least 2 years of operational experience to ensure service quality and pricing.

Evaluate the space and facilities

Consider locations with spacious and well-ventilated areas, with multiple separate zones for children to freely play and learn. Additionally, the play area should ensure regular cleanliness, tidiness, and sanitation.

Safety of the play area

Parents should meticulously examine the security and safety measures of the infrastructure, furniture, and toys within the play area. For instance, the play area should have standard roofing, toys without sharp edges, made of safe materials that do not affect children’s health upon contact.

Quality of the activities

Depending on the child’s age, parents should choose play areas offering educational and physical activities suitable for their children. Avoid letting the child play in unsuitable areas to prevent affecting their cognition and safety. For example, if your child is at the age of learning to walk, avoid swing areas or places with many older children running around.

Explore the most attractive indoor children’s playground in Hanoi today

There are numerous indoor children’s play areas causing confusion for parents about the safest and most fun locations. If you share these concerns, consider bringing your beloved child to Smart Kids Playground.

Smart Kids Playground combines education with play, offering activities focused on physical development and brain stimulation for children aged 0 to 11. Established in 2019, it operates under the Auxpro Trading and Production Limited Company.

The playground system is designed with North European standards and professional service to provide the best experiences for customers. At Smart Kids Playground, parents can confidently allow their children to enjoy playing and learning. This place offers a beneficial and safe playground, fostering comprehensive development in the best environment for children.

Special advantages of Smart Kids Playground

The play area space is large and clean
Smart Kids Playground follows North European standards, placing children at the center. The playground covers an extensive area of 1600m2, connecting 19 play, education, event, and parent zones. All areas strictly adhere to hygiene and environmental regulations, providing sanitation tools and spaces aimed at protecting children’s health and the environment.

Creative play area with beneficial activities

Smart Kids Playground focuses on understanding, satisfying, and finding solutions to make children happier and develop more freely. Therefore, the play areas are meticulously selected with appropriate toys suitable for each age group. The movement play areas in Smart Kids Playground are arranged from left to right, offering dynamic (Sasuke Kids area) to static activities (library and dedicated study areas). This ensures that your child can enjoy both physical activities and engaging entertainment experiences.

Absolute safety ensured for young children at Smart Kids Playground

When bringing your child to the play area, parents can rest assured about their safety. The facilities and equipment within the play area are designed to be rounded or covered to eliminate sharp edges. Particularly, for each activity area, Smart Kids Playground always has professional supervisory staff and a dedicated security team. The play area also includes a specific area for parents to relax, work, or oversee their children’s activities.

Chic kids’ café

Besides the exciting play areas mentioned above, Smart Kids Playground also has a chic café area for parents and children. This is a place where parents can work, have coffee, and chat with friends in a luxurious café atmosphere. The food for children is diverse and nutritious.

With these impressive advantages, Smart Kids Playground has gained the complete trust of numerous parents in Hanoi. Don’t hesitate any longer; bring your beloved child to the play area and enjoy precious moments of happiness together!

Smart Kids Playground – The most loved children’s play area in Hanoi

Address: 3rd floor, 24T3 HAPULICO Thanh Xuan Complex, No. 6 Le Van Thiem, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Operating hours: 9 am – 9 pm (daily)

Hotline: 024 8585 8882

Fanpage: Smart Kids Playground


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